Why the beekeeper hat is a top priority in beekeeping

The activity of beekeeping is one in which the practitioners are usually called upon to have a list of items within reach. These items are usually meant to help the beekeeper practice beekeeping in a comfortable manner. One such item is the beekeeper which is worn as a protective measure for the head and facial areas.


A beekeeper hat is worn over the head so that it can protect the entire head along with the face, down to the neck. A veil is attached to the front of the hat to make sure that as much as someone is being protected from the bee stings, they are actually able to see what they are doing. The face is usually the most affected part of the body because the bees usually attack the face first hence the necessity of the beekeeper hat.

Anyone trying to harvest some honey from the beehive is seen by the bees as a ‘thief’ who has come to ‘steal’ the honey. This is why the bees usually decide to defend their property by actually stinging the person as hard as they can. The attempt by the bees to protect the beehive from intrusion leads them to sting whoever and whatever comes close to the beehive. Wearing the beekeeper hat is something that will by all means help to safeguard one’s head and face from bee stings because by all means the bees will attack exactly those areas. In certain instances, the bee stings could actually have a fatal effect on someone.



The process of protecting the hive is one that bees execute so efficiently because when swarm in the direction of an intruder, they will almost always swarm towards the head and face. Wearing a beekeeper hat is important because the face and head have some kind of colour which attracts the bees towards the eyes, mouth and head. This is the main reason why most beekeeping attire is designed with fabric that has light colours; the light colours usually act as a form of deflector and the bees do not find much attraction in attacking the person.


Another reason for the bees swarming towards the face is because the bees are naturally attracted to the human breath. As such, they will head towards the head as they look for where the breath is coming from and resultantly, they will sting the face therefore the beekeeper hat should be used at all times.


The beekeeper hat is very important and in case there is a chance to decide between a beekeeper hat and some other beekeeping item, it would be quite helpful to pick the beekeeper hat because it could save your life.

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A wild swarm of honey bees gets rescued by a bee keeper. Mrs Bee is a small company in East Yorkshire that sells bee sponsorships and handmade items.


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