Success in attracting Honey Bees?

Question by Faerie S: Success in attracting Honey Bees?
I would like to start beekeeping, and we will be building our own box. I would like to know if you can attract bees to a new box, or would you do better at purchasing them? I have seen honey bees in our area, but am worried that they may be someone’s?! If I did attract them, how would I go about getting the queen?

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Answer by dextercat101
Buy a queen and some worker bees. Plant plenty of bee-friendly flowers. The rest will just click over time.

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  1. Beekeeper on

    You don’t attract honey bees
    1.) Buy your hives or if you build them use industry specs it is illegal in some states to do other wise. Use two deep supers or medium for brood boxs and use shallow or medium for surplus honey
    2.) Buy a three pound package of bees with a mated queen, if you were to attract bees they would kill the queen.
    3.) Register your hives with the state if not you will be fined in some states.
    4.) Buy some beekeeping books i would recommend “Honey Bees and Beekeeping: A Year in the Life an Apiary” by Kieth Delaplane, there is a companion TV series that goes along with book you can buy. “Beekeeping For Dummies” is also a good one.
    5.) Join a local beekeeping club and talk to experienced beekeepers.
    6.) Enjoy the golden goodness

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