Starting Beeking!?

Question by Tyler G: Starting Beeking!?
Ok I was thinking on starting beekeeping in my grandparents back yard. I am planing on haveing a single hive with Italian Bees. No africanized bees lol. Their backyard is decent sized. I was wondering if you could tell be if it is safe. I have been thinking what could happen etc. If you could tell me what to look for, what could happen, etc. thanks,Tyler

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Answer by Green Grove

You should buy some books and videos to give you a visual learning experience. I think it’s awesome that you are considering going into this business, considering the bee population is slowly dying out :)

Here is some stuff to keep you going for awhile. GL!!!

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  1. Amy R on

    First thing – ask the adjacent neighbors if anyone is allergic to bee stings, because nothing shuts down a beekeeper faster than the idea that he is killing the neighbors. Then, be sure your zoning allows it – it is not invasive, in most areas, but being forced to remove all your hives at a loss due to a zoning violation is nasty – just ask if you can have them in that area. Some places do not limit their placement, so there is no problem – but asking (and take notes including who tells you is it OK) gets you major points if there is a complaint later.

  2. Carl on

    The bees will not be a problem. Only the first 10 or 20 feet max in front of the hive will the bees be low to the ground. Yes, it will be safe.
    The worse thing that will happen is: You will get a swarm some times and half your bees will fly off with your old queen. They could end up anywhere but they fly off most of the time so far you will never see them again. They leave behind half the bees and a new queen.
    Get a paper back book called “How to keep bees and sell honey” From Walter T Kelley. They have a mail order online.

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