Minecraft – BEES!!!

Simon plays the Beekeeping Mod by Nandonalt Beekeeping is part of the Amazopack, available from painterlypack.net (currently requires Minecraft Beta 1.6.6 to work) The texture pack is Painterly by Rhodox, and the cloth, fossils and sulpur are part of the Peacefulpack by Hogofwar
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25 Responses to “Minecraft – BEES!!!”

  1. ASUProfessor on

    Oh beehive yourself. LOLS

  2. TheCoolMexicanGuy on

    @kevincederstrand1 yes

  3. RnR1092 on

    Thumbs up if at the end you found a new ringtone :D

  4. Minecraft2789 on

    Wheres luisss =(

  5. kyon813 on

    Simon: Keeper of the Bees.

  6. warstar132 on

    he looks like granny bacon with the helmet

  7. MrLuckyYoshi on

    make a diamond chandelier!

  8. Golding1995 on


  9. kevincederstrand1 on

    @TheCoolMexicanGuy u mad?

  10. IanJChambers664 on

    me too i need honey and can you make a nather vide 1 HOUR with bees. PLEASE
    SIMON PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!?????????????

  11. ShankyTurtle on

    @sniperflaw Gay bacon strips.

  12. TheCoolMexicanGuy on


  13. xXTHExXxSHOWXx on

    Join our Server.
    LogMeiNHamachi:Network Id: AGPDperez4
    Password:54321 Minecraft Multiplayer Ip:

  14. SniperFlaw on

    Candied bacon strips, thats smart.

  15. oblivious12123 on

    A video from Simon’s perpective? What dark sorcery is this?!?!

  16. ketsh123 on

    @X9090 its painterly (its in the modpack tutorial)

  17. X9090 on

    Waht Kind OF texture pack do you have

  18. SwitchBlitz on

    I really worry about Simon when he talks to himself with all these voices, I think Lewis should be around more often to help keep the sanity Simon possibly has left haha

  19. momasboy339 on

    regarding the advertisement chegg, TAKE THAT SCIENCE

  20. Ryanberry11 on

    i like the line sleepy sleepy dwarf sleepy sleepy dwarf plus MAKE MORE VIDEOS!!!!!!!!!

  21. ThundraViper on

    Nice bees… you friend with all animals i think… (you are friend with xephos right? i’ve seen all you’r movies … by the way your my favourite … don’t tell xephos :) )

  22. RossZ0 on

    bebebebbbeebbbbbeeeesbeees bebebebebabababebebebababapapapepepe

  23. tankbuster101 on

    Hey can you make a tutorial on how to download that mod/pack you have

  24. Thecrazyandinsane on

    put stuff in the top, stuff comes out of the bottom

  25. viktoras6 on

    xD 22:33 bees!!!

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