i would like you to tell me what is the price of a bee-hive.thanks?

Question by Sotiris A: i would like you to tell me what is the price of a bee-hive.thanks?
if you can give me relevant sites about beekeeping

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Answer by Bri
People buy beehives?

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  1. chenneoue on

    I am not sure on the cost… But from what I understand, it doesn’t cost much to set one up. But there are many things that could happen and take a lot of time.

    I would suggest the below website. Somewhere in there I think he gives a break down of costs…I am just not seeing it! It also has a ton of other usefull information. :)

    Good Luck!

  2. Caveman on

    Prices for bee hives can vary depending on the company or individual selling them and the size of the hive. You will also need other things, such as a smoker and protective clothing. If you have never kept bees before then don’t start with more than 2 or 3 hives. Traditionally a person starts beekeeping by building hive equipment, buying packages of bees, and installing the bees into the equipment. One of the websites I looked at said that you should spend no more than $ 150.00 per double hive configuration. Make sure you have the time to properly take care of the bees before you spend money on hives and equipment. Below are websites that give you all the information on keeping bees. The companies on these sites also sell bees, hives and any equipment you may need. Good luck.

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