I want to be a Beekeeper. Any suggestions?

Question by Coraline: I want to be a Beekeeper. Any suggestions?
I have never had bees before, and I want to start. Is there any specific type of honeybee I need to get? Is there any specific right way to raise bees for honey? Just tell me all I need to know about beekeeping please.

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Answer by Back To The Future 2
well how much does a beekeeper make if your not making enough honey at it then you dont want to be a beekeper, you are in it for the honey right not the bees

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  1. Vernal H on

    if it going to be a business venture go talk to a beekeeper if there is one nearby bees require a lot of care. if it’s going to be just for your personal use not recommended the honey wil be cheaper at Walmart

  2. SteverZ on

    And I use to kill bees just for the heck of it, as they would land on flowers.
    I know, I know. Shame on me! lol

    Ummm. The library has books on how to be a Beekeeper. That might help ya.

  3. rjs on

    if youre in an area where winters are severe, youre a bit late to start this year, unless you can buy a complete hive from a local beekeeper, because they need 50 or more pounds of honey to make it thru the winter…you need a little time to learn what youre doing anyhow…the best way would be to work with a local beekeeper, (all youd need is a mask as they dont often sting); most would be willing to teach you; (i also read about a dozen library books during my first year almost 40 years ago, and guess what, the bees didnt read the same books!) but some reading on the equipment would be useful…you should buy & assemble the equipment from a local supplier, or by mail order, before you order the bees…start with at least a three pound package with queen in april, so theylll have enough for the first winter…you can split that into two hives the next spring (theylll raise a new queen) generally the italians are considered to be the best honey producers…im gonna give the site for root’s bee culture, theyre one of the oldest bee suppliers in the US…try looking around there for more info, maybe order a few books…
    (my recommendations are for northern ohio)
    PS second link is supply catalog…beginners kit is $ 139, includes one hive body, tool, smoker & and mask…the bees will cost about $ 75 plus shipping…

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