Beekeeping Tools ? These are Your Must Haves If You are a Beekeeper

Being a beekeeper is certainly a very fulfilling profession since you know that you will not only help yourself and your family but also the environment. You will surely have an amazing experience in doing this since you will not just earn money, you will also enjoy raising bees and seeing them produce loads of honey.

However, beekeeping is not as simple as what you think it is because before you will be able to reach the top, you still need to work hard and learn a lot of things. You need to be familiar with everything about beekeeping because it is through this that you will be able to succeed in this field.

Just like any other businesses, you also need to have tools and equipments in beekeeping. You will need these beekeeping tools because they will help you to do all your work in beekeeping for you to be able to reach all your goals here. Without these tools then it will surely be hard for you to do all your tasks.


If you are just starting your beekeeping then it is a must for you to have tools but then keep in mind that you must first pick the ones which you will need the most. They are the ones that you should prioritize and don’t buy those which are not really needed.

Here are some of the beekeeping tools that you must have if you are just starting on being a beekeeper:

Beekeeper suit. This is said to be one of the most expensive tools that you need to buy but then it will be worth it. You will be using this to protect yourself from insect bites and stings. This is essential when you are already on the process of harvesting honeys. When you are harvesting honey, there will be a need for you to be with the bees and you will use the suit so that they will not be able to bite or hurt you.

Beekeeper hat. This also has the same purpose with the suit and that is to protect you. If you have this, then the bees will not be able to bite you on the head especially on the most delicate areas such as your nose, ears, and eyes.

The smoker. Just like the first two beekeeping tools, this is also needed because it will also protect you from the bees. Once you use this, the bees will be calmed and you will be able to get the honey on their bee hives.




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Demonstration of natural beekeeping by Tim Malfroy of Malfroy’s Gold ( This Warre Hive was shown as part of the urban beekeeping course run by Milkwood Permaculture. Very relaxed bees!
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