ST Louis Beekeeping Supplies

I have local pure honey from Oakville. No additives at all--all pure. Best thing for allergies. The more local -- the better for you. 16 oz. -- $7 and 24 oz is $10. We also have bee hives set in Wildwood and Ste Genevieve. So if anyone you know is i [...]

We purchased a queen bee and then found our existing queen this morning. This queen came in on Friday and is in the shipping container.

I've got an assortment of deeps, supers and nucs for sale. One money, must take all. Some are pretty rough, just need some cleaning up and paint etc. Make offer

Several hive boxes - 13 total. Also an iron bee hive box boiling setup. If you are going to use used boxes or need to rid your boxes of any wax moth or hive beetle disease many bee keepers boil them in lye. The large half barrel is for the lye the sm [...]

5 frame bee hive nuc boxes. built like regular Langstroth hives with inner/outer covers. metal disc at entrance with closed, closed & vented, open, & open with queen excluder.

After many years of beekeeping, I recently had to give up the hobby. The bees and the bee equipment are now gone, but I still have clothing available. Most of the clothing was used very little, and the stains that are there are from propolis (HARD to [...]

Add some color to your garden with long blooming summer perennials. Take advantage of cooler temperatures and plant hearty plants that will bloom into the fall and repeat every year. September special - 4 pots for $10. Now blooming are Rudbeckia, Ob [...]

Honey bees / nuc hives for sale - Spring 2017 (taking pre-orders) Intended for those getting started in bee keeping. Includes approximately 5,000 bees, hive body, hive cover, smoker, bee feeder, hive bottom/top, and one-on-one mentoring for the firs [...]

"Great Holiday Gift" with health benefits. Updated pictures. Pure Raw Honey from our hives in Edwardsville, Prairie Town, Marine and Lebanon,IL. 8 oz.-3.50, 12 oz -5.50 plastic,1lb.-7.00,1 1/2lb.-10.50 plastic, 2lb. plastic-14.00, 3lb jug-$20.00, qu [...]

solar wax melter. melt up to 4 #'s at a time. $100.00 bee hive related

free up some space when going thru your hives. less chance of crushing your queens. $16.00.

Looking to get started in honey bees , need all equipment. Dog horse cat farm wood farming

Looking to get started in honey bees , need all equipment. Dog horse cat farm wood farming

New deep brood box. Never used assembled two coats of exterior oil based paint . 10 deep assembled wood frames w/ plastic foundations. New never used. Ready to go this summer All for $55 Can send a picture.

Three gently used top bar bee hives for sale. Attractive cedar, heavy duty pine, or completely recycled materials. Your choice. Pine- $100 Cedar - $100 Recycled materials- $25 Must sell. West County area

eliminates having to move boxes when inserting moth crystals when storing hive bodies & supers. $30.00