ST Louis Beekeeping Supplies

We've been digging up and potting miscellaneous perennial plants from our ever burgeoning garden. I try to put in links to descriptive sources and pictures, to help you choose. Some of what we have ready to go or to dig are: Strawberry Begonia (Saxif [...]

Ready for bees, telescoping aluminum clad top cover, inner cover, 34 tapered waxed top bars, can use entrance feeder, professionally made. Google Top Bar bee hives for more information about bee keeping. Weekday daytime phone 618-two 4 four-6 two fou [...]

Ready for bees, telescoping aluminum clad top cover, inner cover, waxed top bars, screened bottom, professionally built, used 1 season. Google Top Bar bee hives for information on bee keeping. Mt. Vernon, IL. Weekday daytime phone 618-two 4 four-62fo [...]

I am curently selling Bee hives and the Supers that go along with them. All boxes and hives are assembled using a Dovetail joint. Langstroth Style Standard 10 frame Hives. I have been raising Bees for close to 30 years. In the past I have purchase [...]

Honey bee hives for sale. This will include 2 deep supers, with 20 frames. Very strong colonies of Carniolan bees brought from California, ready to split. Each colony comes with a 2014 queen.You won't find better than this. If you want to extract hon [...]

HELLO; I have 2 vintage power bee 2 stroke engines asking $150.00 for the pair of them please contact at 314-222-8736 leave message THANK YOU.

quit laying frames on the ground. holds 3 or more frames. $16.00

assemble 10 frames at a time. works with brood, med, & shallow frames $25.00

Top bar beehive box and removeable lid/ galvanized sheet metal. On for sturdy cedar legs with handles for moving. Very sturdy. We have one that was used for a season and has bars and doors. We have 2 that were never used. you will need to add the ba [...]

3 lb package bees to be picked up in Flora Il, Its that time again. this year supplies will be very limited. High winter losses and last seasons problems have compounded the shortages. prices also took a jump this year, and supply dropped. Taking o [...]

If bee sting is not your thing, please give me a ring and I'll remove your honey bee swarm and give it a loving home. Thank You, Cornel 636 259-6355

"Great Holiday Gift" with health benefits. Pure Raw Honey from our hives in Edwardsville. 8 oz.-3.50, 12 oz -5.00 plastic/glass jar 5.50, 1lb.-6.00,1 1/2lb.-9.00 plastic, 2lb. glass-13.00. Bee "Skin Balm" 3/4 oz. $5.00 Honey Candy 5 cents ea. Soa [...]

Standard hive: 2 hive bodies and 2 medium supers made of Cedar. Strong and good lookin' $185 This hive is assembled and treated with a sealer. Unassembled hives are also available. Frames and foundation also. For more options check us out online a [...]

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looking for land to place bee hives on. ideally this land would be within 10 miles of arnold, mo & provide easy vehicle access to hives. i need free access to the hives. some sort of water source would be a plus. typically there is no rent paid. land [...]