ST Louis Beekeeping Supplies

I am curently selling Bee hives and the Supers that go along with them. All boxes and hives are assembled using a Dovetail joint. Langstroth Style Standard 10 frame Hives. I have been raising Bees for close to 30 years. In the past I have purchase [...]

Honey Bee Swarm Season (April-August): the time of year when Honey Bees divide their colony and 1/2 of the hive swarms out to start another hive. Swarms generally hang on a tree branch in a cluster of 1000's of bees. If a swarm has taken up temporar [...]

Show-Me-Honey * LOCAL RAW HONEY show contact info If you have never tasted Raw Honey, then you're in for a treat! There is simply no comparison between Local Raw Honey and commercially processed, boiled, filtered honey that can be cut 49% with corn-syr [...]

A nice dusty BOLENS versamatic walk behind yard tractor with 36" sickle And a 40?plow 500$ it is a late 40s model Text for pics this has bee in my barn for 20years and needs a rope wrap cord to pull Start show contact info Thanks

HATS western, excellent condition. 7 1/2 Stetson,Bee and Resistol. 5x beaver Black, silver belly and brown. Have optional hat bands . I am not a dealer. Just cant ride any longer. Can send pictures if interested. $35 each or 100$ for 3! ranch, horse [...]