ST Louis Beekeeping Supplies

Carpenter Bee season is coming. These are off season prices. The traps don't catch the beneficial honey bee. It would be rare if it did Please state if you want cedar or pine traps. Both catch the same. Cedar last longer. One pine trap for $15.00. [...]

Will take any and all beekeeping equipment. Willing to pay cash for items in good condition

Started by a Veteran, my grandfather, Elbert Frost in the 1930's and owned by myself, a Combat Veteran today. We will be making a delivery to St Louis Area in late April or 1st Saturday in May. Depending on the late winter and early spring weather. [...]

"Great Holiday Gift" with health benefits. Pure Raw Honey from our hives in Edwardsville, Troy, Marine and Lebanon,Il. 8 oz.-3.50, 12 oz -5.50 plastic,1lb.-7.00,1 1/2lb.-10.50 plastic, 2lb. glass-14.00, 3lb jug-$20.00, 5lb. jug- $30.00. Call ahead f [...]

3lb packages with unmarked, Italian queen will be available. Approximate dates are as follows: **Weather conditions determine exact dates, so flexibility is required** Price: $110 each; (100+) $100 each Drop-off locations for packages will be dete [...]

I am curently selling Bee hives and the Supers that go along with them. All boxes and hives are assembled using a Dovetail joint. Langstroth Style Standard 10 frame Hives. I have been raising Bees for close to 30 years. In the past I have purchase [...]

Standard hive: 2 hive bodies and 2 medium supers made of Cedar. Strong and good lookin' $215 This hive is assembled and treated with a sealer. Unassembled hives are also available. Frames and foundation also. For more options check us out online a [...]

Looking to get started in honey bees , need all equipment. Dog horse cat farm wood farming

free up some space when going thru your hives. less chance of crushing your queens. $16.00.

5 frame bee hive nuc boxes. built like regular Langstroth hives with inner/outer covers. metal disc at entrance with closed, closed & vented, open, & open with queen excluder.

Top Bar Beehive. Almost 4' long with twenty-seven 19" bars and 2 follower boards. All cedar exterior. Great for beginning beekeeping. Amazon has a similar one for $500, this model runs $350. Custom sizes, features, and shipping available. Also making [...]

Chance is a sweet Registered Paint Mare. 17 Years Young and great for beginners, lead line, or just simple strolls on the trail. She is approximately 15.2 hands tall. She breaks at the poll, leads, clips, trims with ease. She flexes and responds to l [...]

Superior Bee Supply's Classic Copper Penny Top Bar Garden Beehive Kit. Made with furniture grade kiln dried Poplar hardwood. All pieces cut with C.N.C. precision manufacturing. Each and every hive is made with the utmost quality in both material and [...]