ST Louis Beekeeping Supplies

Selling my bee keeping stuff. We had wild animals destroy our bees a few years ago. So half of the hives are damaged, but can be fixed. The cost when new was over $3000. Around 30 hives, frames, etc. Honey extractor.

I have several started 10 frame honey bee hive colonies for sale at this point in time, June 17 2017. Splits out of our stock that we work with year round near Columbia, MO and NW MO. Survivor stock from our winters, summers and farms. No southern [...]

Quality Carpenter Bee Traps. The more traps you buy the cheaper per trap. Jars comes with each trap. Helps protect not only your house. Also barns, decks, fence, sheds, stables. All wooden structures. The traps don't catch the beneficial honey bee. [...]

Honey Bee Swarm Season (April-August): the time of year when Honey Bees divide their colony and 1/2 of the hive swarms out to start another hive. Swarms generally hang on a tree branch in a cluster of 1000's of bees. If a swarm has taken up temporar [...]

Superior Bee Supply's Classic Copper Penny Top Bar Garden Beehive Kit. Made with furniture grade kiln dried hardwood. All pieces are sculptured with C.N.C. precision manufacturing. Each and every hive is made with the utmost quality in both material [...]

Show-Me-Honey * LOCAL RAW HONEY show contact info If you have never tasted Raw Local Honey, then you're in for a treat! There is simply no comparison between Local Raw Honey and commercially processed, boiled, filtered honey that can also be cut 49% wi [...]

I am looking to downsize my nine hives. These will be a full box colony $250 is for older boxes and frames. $350 for new boxes and frames with swarms captured this Spring 2017. You must have be able to come on site and transport these colonies. N [...]

free up some space when going thru your hives. less chance of crushing your queens. $16.00.

Kelley Split Bottom frames Sell in groups as pictured 50 Deeps......$25 100 shallows......$50 50 shallows......$25 Unassembled Beekeeping equipment Honey bees Bee equipment

5-Frame nucs for sale. My wife and I have been beekeeping for 6+ years. Price: $145 with New-Frame exchange. As it is getting late in the year to have a successful startup, we will not have any more nucs for 2016. NEW BEEKEEPERS: Starting a colo [...]

"Great Holiday Gift" with health benefits. Updated pictures. Pure Raw Honey from our hives in Edwardsville, Prairie Town, Marine and Moro,IL. 8 oz.-3.50, 12 oz -5.50 plastic,1lb.-7.00,1 1/2lb.-10.50 plastic, 2lb. plastic-14.00, 3lb jug-$20.00, quart [...]

5 Deep Frame Nucs For Sale with Mated Queens Edwardsville IL. 62025-4571 Phone : show contact info Cell : show contact info Taking Orders! Reserve yours Now! Special for New Bee Keepers! 5 Frame Deep Nuc w/Mated Queen--$140.00 ea for first two 5 Frame D [...]

Assemble 10 frames at a time. works with brood, medium, & shallow frames. $25.00 bee hive related

My garden is bursting with plants and I am dividing and thinning perennials. All are potted with mature growth and multiple plants per pot. I have dozens of pots to choose from of the following perennials...Tall Phlox, Solomon's Seal, Rudbeckia, Obed [...]

Gently used heavy duty pine top bar bee hive. Comes with 26 bars and movable ends. Approximately 48 inches long. Removable legs. Side viewing glass window. HEAVY DUTY $150 West County Area

Solid bottom boards for bee hives. 6 plastic and 19 wooden ones. Take $5 each or $100 for all 25. Have you priced new ones lately? I don't need these because I make my own screened bottom boards.

Assemble 10 frames at a time. works with brood, medium, & shallow frames. $25.00 bee hive related

solar wax melter. melt up to 4 #'s at a time. $100.00 bee hive related

Live Forever Plants - botanical name is Hylotelephium spectabile, perennial, succulent family, sun lovers, blooms in late summer into fall, attracts butterflies, bees & finch birds. $6.00 each

We go through great lengths to deliver the best pure honey possible. We refuse to use formic acid mite treatments and other chemicals that a majority of the bee keepers are now using. We are consuming what we sell. Honey is mostly collected from a du [...]

60 lbs of raw honey in new food grade buckets with gasket sealed lids. Web site: Honey Hive Farms . com (go to bulk honey to order, use the deposit of $35 and save on credit card fees) No delivery fees only $185 a bucket. (honey will be going up ve [...]

screened bottom boards. 5/4" western cedar rails, mite inspection board/winter insert, & entrance reducer. $25.00. with oil base primer ad $4.00. inner covers $15.00 telescopic outer covers $25.00 standard bottom boards $20.00 hive bodies &am [...]

Bee swarm removal, honey bees are swarming this time of year, if you come across a clump of bees hanging from a tree limb give me a call. I will come and remove them for free and set them up in a hive.

It's honey be swarm season which means bees are looking for a new home. I have attached some pictures of what swarms look like. If you see a swarm of bees DO NOT SPRAY THEM. Contact me or a local bee keeper and we will come and remove them and give t [...]

Do you have bees that have taken up residence in your home or shed or somewhere you don't want them. call us or text us and let us know we would be more than happy to help you out with a free quote on removing them from your property and giving them [...]