ST Louis Beekeeping Supplies

Superior Bee Supply's Classic Copper Penny Garden Beehive Kit. Made with Furniture Grade Kiln Dried Poplar Hard Wood. All pieces cut with C.N.C. Precision manufacturing. Each and every hive is made with the utmost quality in both material and workman [...]

Bee hive kits made to order. Hive bodies and frames are Assembled not painted. Each kit comes with 1 Screened Bottom Board 2 9 5/8 deep Hive Body Supers 20 9 1/8 Assembled Frame with Foundation 2 6 5/8 Medium Honey Supers 20 6 1/4 Assembled Fra [...]

Show-Me-Honey * LOCAL RAW HONEY show contact info If you have never tasted Raw Honey, then you're in for a treat! There is simply no comparison between Local Raw Honey and commercially processed, boiled, filtered honey that can also be cut 49% with cor [...]

1. 10 Frame box feeder - Fits a standard 10 Frame Langstroth Hive. 16 1/4 in. wide by 19 7/8 long and 4 1/2 in. tall. - $25 2. Nuc Feeder - Fits a 5 Frame Nuc hive. 9 in wide by 19 7/8 long and 4 1/2 in tall. - $17 Both New - Never Used. Reservoir [...]

I am curently selling Bee hives, Supers, and the Optional Hive Components that go along with them. All boxes and hives are assembled using a Dovetail joint. Langstroth Style Standard 10 frame Hives(8 frame available by request). I have been raisin [...]

Standard hive: 2 hive bodies and 2 medium supers made of Cedar. Strong and good lookin' $252 This hive is assembled and treated with a sealer. Unassembled hives are also available. Frames and foundation also. For more options check us out online a [...]

free up some space when going thru your hives. less chance of crushing your queens. $16.00.

It's NOT too late to start the BEEKEEPING hobby this SPRING!! The Kansas Bee Company still has NUCS, HIVES and a GREAT STARTER KIT for sale!!! Pick-up locations will cover Kansas and Missouri! **COLUMBIA PICKUP!!** Our NUCS are 5 frames of Bees, B [...]

Assemble 10 frames at a time. works with brood, medium, & shallow frames. $25.00 bee hive related

solar wax melter. melt up to 4 #'s at a time. $100.00 bee hive related

Honey, we deliver for free in March, April and May. See our website at www Honey Hive Farms com Each bucket is 60 lbs plus and in new food grade buckets with a gasket lid. $185 or you can do a $35 deposit and pay cash or cashiers check for the bal [...]

3lb packages with unmarked, Italian queen will be available. Approximate dates are as follows: **Weather conditions determine exact dates, so flexibility is required** Price: $120 each; (25+) 110 (100+) $100 each Drop-off locations for packages wi [...]

FREE DELIVERY on our routes see below. (FREE delivery sometime in middle of (April and May) Go to our website asap and order under package bees and bulk honey. . Honey Hive Farms com Get your package bee order in asap as the sell out very quickly $ [...]