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Quality Carpenter Bee Traps. The more traps you buy the cheaper per trap. Jars comes with each trap. Helps protect not only your house. Also barns, decks, fence, sheds, stables. All wooden structures. The traps don't catch the beneficial honey bee. [...]

Honey bee swarm removal. South County, Arnold and Northern Jefferson County. Msg or call show contact info

I bought a full bee hive n had someone put it together needs painted everything else is fully assembled and a 5 frame nuc from isabees n I picked them up I got told he is selling the spot where I was putting them make offer

It's honey be swarm season which means bees are looking for a new home. I have attached some pictures of what swarms look like. If you see a swarm of bees DO NOT SPRAY THEM. Contact me or a local bee keeper and we will come and remove them and give t [...]

Superior Bee Supply's Classic Copper Penny Top Bar Garden Beehive Kit. Made with furniture grade kiln dried hardwood. All pieces are sculptured with C.N.C. precision manufacturing. Each and every hive is made with the utmost quality in both material [...]

I am curently selling Bee hives, Supers, and the Optional Hive Components that go along with them. All boxes and hives are assembled using a Dovetail joint. Langstroth Style Standard 10 frame Hives(8 frame available by request). I have been raisin [...]

I have 30 pint and qt size pots of red bee balm. $4each pints, $5 for qt pots. This plants likes full Sun to part shade, and tolerates dry conditions. Attracts hummingbirds. I just potted tgem so they need to start growing new growth before they can [...]

Standard hive: 2 hive bodies and 2 medium supers made of Cedar. Strong and good lookin' $252 This hive is assembled and treated with a sealer. Unassembled hives are also available. Frames and foundation also. For more options check us out online a [...]

Honey Bee Swarm Season (April-August): the time of year when Honey Bees divide their colony and 1/2 of the hive swarms out to start another hive. Swarms generally hang on a tree branch in a cluster of 1000's of bees. If a swarm has taken up temporar [...]

Looking to get started in honey bees , need all equipment. Dog horse cat farm wood farming

Show-Me-Honey * LOCAL RAW HONEY show contact info If you have never tasted Raw Local Honey, then you're in for a treat! There is simply no comparison between Local Raw Honey and commercially processed, boiled, filtered honey that can also be cut 49% wi [...]

1. 10 Frame box feeder - Fits a standard 10 Frame Langstroth Hive. 16 1/4 in. wide by 19 7/8 long and 4 1/2 in. tall. - $25 2. Nuc Feeder - Fits a 5 Frame Nuc hive. 9 in wide by 19 7/8 long and 4 1/2 in tall. - $17 Both New - Never Used. Reservoir [...]

free up some space when going thru your hives. less chance of crushing your queens. $16.00.

Gently used heavy duty pine top bar bee hive. Comes with 26 bars and movable ends. Approximately 48 inches long. Removable legs. Side viewing glass window. HEAVY DUTY $150 West County Area

Bee hive kits made to order. Hive bodies and frames are Assembled not painted. Each kit comes with 1 Screened Bottom Board 2 9 5/8 deep Hive Body Supers 20 9 1/8 Assembled Frame with Foundation 2 6 5/8 Medium Honey Supers 20 6 1/4 Assembled Fra [...]

Selling some outdoor goodies!! Craftsman Fertilizer Spreader (pictured) asking 20.00 cash only please. Black & Decker Leaf or Grass Blower 20.00 NEW and no box- belonged to my husband's sister....Never used. Electric BV3100 is what it says on the [...]

My garden is bursting with plants and I am dividing and thinning hostas and perennials. All are potted with vigorous growth and multiple plants per pot. I have dozens of pots to choose from of five varieties of hostas. I also have a good selection of [...]

I have more firewood then i can burn. it will rot before i can get to it all. have multiple cords in Wildwood MO, as well as near Potosi MO. Wildwood its been down and cut to length for 18 months. Potosi has been down for 18 months, or is still stand [...]

5 Frame nuc colonies. Some with Hygienic Italian Queens and some with survival stock honeybees. These are raised from colonies that have survived in the wild without the assistance of "MEDICATIONS or other CHEMICALS". They are all mite resistant and [...]

We have two honey pumps with motors for sale. Asking $300.00 each. Numerous plastic top feeders - $10.00 each regular $20.00 Hive Frame feeders with caps and ladders - $5.00 each Propolas traps -$3.00 each Old frames and other equipment - Make of [...]

Do you have bees that have taken up residence in your home or shed or somewhere you don't want us or text us and let us know we would be more than happy to help you out with a free quote on removing them from your property and giving them a [...]

Going to have about 100 5 frame nucs between now a may for sale. Mostly Italian queens but some may have some carnolian in them. Will have either corrugated plastic or plywood boxes with them. So if these are ready to go now so let me know they will [...]

Swarm season is here! Honey Bees swarm removal at no cost to you. If you have a swarm of bees in a tree or out in the open and need them removed. I have the right equipment and ladders. Call Paul show contact info I can do a cut out if in a structure. [...]

screened bottom boards. 5/4" western cedar rails, mite inspection board/winter insert, & entrance reducer. $25.00. with oil base primer ad $4.00. inner covers $15.00 telescopic outer covers $25.00 standard bottom boards $20.00 hive bodies &am [...]

Registered as Silver's Misty Babe, Misty, is 18 years old and has been a two owner mare. We bought her for our daughter in 2002. She was trained by a true naturalist. She has good ground manners. She stands for the farrier, loads and unloads perfectl [...]