Portland Beekeeping Supplies

Newly built Kenyan style Top Bar Bee Hive. A top-bar hive is a single-story frameless beehive in which the comb hangs from removable bars.

Ouch! OUCH!! OUCH $%^$($^(^%*)@@#$@# BEES BEES and More HONEY BEES CALL me "Art The Bee Man" Bats in your belfry or bees in your bonnet. Bees in trees or bushes. I can help. I've been a bee keeper for the last 40 years and am quite experienced in [...]

Utopia Woodcrafters original Mason Bee Nursery. Handcrafted with a wooden roof for protection from the elements. Bee nursery offers multiple chambers for the female to lay her eggs for the next generation of pollinating Mason Bees. Simply hang this [...]

Local raw honey for sale From wild flowers Organic, no filter, no pesticides, not heated Honey bears 8oz $4.50 Pint ..................... $7.00 Quarts ------------ $13.00 1/2 Gallon .......... $25.00 1 Gallon ---------- $40.00 TEXT or call 5O [...]

Thin wire bird cage, 5 ft tall!!! Accessories Included!! 125$ Trades Welcome We are open to almost all trade offers (including work-trades). We are a small local Organic, GMO free, Free-Range, Sustainable, Permaculture, Homestead/Community-Based f [...]

I have two 3 gallon best value vacs, vacuum chambers. Along with a digital heating pad. All are in good and working condition. 250 for all three items. I will also throw in a a honey bee extraction tube and a few oil slick trays. Ommp vacum vacuum [...]

Vermiculture Tower. Handmade from recycled plastic barrel material. Proceeds help support our farm and feed a hungry community!! This is a picture of our first design, but we have not used wooden legs because they were not stable enough 3 options a [...]

We have some used 55 gallon steel drums available with non removable lids. The price is $4.25 each for a bulk order of more than 50. $4.75 each for an order of between 40 and 50. $5 each for an order of between 20 and 40 $6 each for an order of b [...]

We have 3 Bull calves two are 3 months old and are $500, Jersey Calves are 50$ The day they are born Prices increase $5 per day I have a buddy with a small dairy, and we have an abundance of bull calves (Holstein, Jersey, Swiss, and crosses, and a [...]

Pure & Fresh Local Organic Honey From Washington State. Honey Is Not Heated And There Are No Preservatives Placed Into The Honey. The Honey Is Collected From Areas Where Blackberry Was Grown. A Gallon Is $40 Honey, Bees, Raw, Beekeeping, Organic, Lo [...]

For Sale: (2) Italian Honey bee colonies for $175 each. Each colony has screened bottom, slat rack, (2) 8 frame deeps, queen excluder, (2) 8 frame supers ( only one has frames ). I have not harvested fall honey, so that is yours also. In addition. I [...]

I am selling a gently used cedar top bar hive after moving my bees to a Langstroth hive. This hive is made of 1.5" thick cedar, is 48" long, and has a copper sheet metal roof that is easily worth $100 alone. Price is firm, no trades, cash only. Than [...]

I will be dropping a load of cattle near Cheyenne October 6th and returning empty the 7th, looking for a return load. I do not do gas money runs, but the price will be lower as I'm already there. Must have proper paper work for livestock to cross [...]

Local raw honey for sale From wild flowers Organic, no filter, no pesticides, not heated Honey bears 8oz $4.50 Pint ..................... $7.00 Quarts ------------ $13.00 1/2 Gallon .......... $25.00 1 Gallon ---------- $40.00 TEXT or call 5O [...]

Livestock -N-Transportation Services LLC Madras, Or show contact info Specializing in livestock and agriculture transportation needs. With reliable and on time service we can get all types of livestock from farm to farm, feed lots to auction yards, Ca [...]