Portland Beekeeping Supplies

Charmglow OutDoor Propane Grill 95$ , 2-tone Design Stainless Steel surface, with Slick black hood and storage doors. Great addition to any outdoor kitchen. Trades Welcome We are open to almost all trade offers (including work-trades). We are a sma [...]

We have some 55 gallon steel drums with removable steel lid. Steel drums barrels with clamps and lids are $35 depending on condition, use etc. Prices are based quantity, condition, barrel type. We are open to almost all trade offers (including work- [...]

Free bee swarm removal in Kalama, Woodland, Ridgefield, Vancouver, Portland, La Center, Battle Ground, Hockinson, Longview and surrounding areas. Organic bee Keeping. Save the honey bees Call show contact info

Used bee hive, in good condition. Great for starting out.

I'm looking for a place to put my bee hives. Needs pickup access to bee hives. Like to put around 15 or more hives. Will Exchange for honey or bee pollination. Looking for an area not to far from Portland. show contact info

Strong colonies of honey bees for sale. Most with 2015 queens. All have been treated for mites. All have double deep brood chambers. Some have honey supers with drawn comb. All equipment in excellent condition. Other beekeeping equipment available [...]

High quality top bar bee hive manufactured by Bee Line Apiaries. Like new, assembled, painted, with some drawn comb. This is a commercially-manufactured, well-designed hive with a metal roof and with top bars sized to fit Langstroth hives for added [...]

"A swarm in May is worth a load of hay. A swarm in June is worth a silver spoon." How much is that swarm worth I hived on July 4? More than most folks would believe, in my opinion. It may make it through the winter with minimal help and attention. O [...]

I have a number of awesome Blisswort plants with a good root systems. They are quite hardy here in Portland (outdoors to zone 4) and will spread easily. This is an excellent plant to grow, but difficult to grow from seed. It blooms for a very long ti [...]

Honey bee hives for sale we have decades of experience 3 generation bee keeper I Have Three different sizes of honey bee hives for sale, They are ready to pollinate or make honey for you to collect or you can use it to get wax propolis or royal je [...]

Selling Strong Bee Hives on pallet full of bees 4 strong hives per pallet with one deep hive box and one Western box 10 western frames in western box 8 deep frames in deep box and inside feeder 5 Frame bee nucs for sale Need to sell 500 Hives $1 [...]

Going out of business sale. Lots of used deeps, lots of westerns with drawn comb $15 each . Dakota Chain uncapper, heated jacketed stainless steel storage tank and heated baffling tank. Stainless steel storage tanks. unbuilt western boxes, $5. Lots o [...]

Hi... If you find that a Bee swarm has landed on your property and have a need to remove it, please give me a call. I'll gladly drop by to relocate them for free, and give the bees the best chance to survive as a colony Once again this season, I ha [...]

Hi... I have for sale a custom built cedar Top Bar Bee Hive, complete with a thriving colony in it. If you are looking for an easy to manage, turnkey beehive for your back-yard, this is the one... Give me a call if you are interested in viewing it [...]

I'm looking for bee hives equipment used or new. unwanted beehives. Swarm removal exchange for honey.

i have bees for sale 5 frame with bees Qween brood some honey- $80 8 frame bees Qween brood some honey $100 10 frame bees qween brood $120 box frame not included

HONEY BEES This time of year the swarms tend to be small. I'm in need of a swarm to put with other bees in a hive in order to boost it's strength. I would appreciate a phone call if you see a swarm hanging on a tree or a bush. Please do call as so [...]

Ouch! OUCH!! OUCH $%^$($^(^%*)@@#$@# BEES BEES and More HONEY BEES CALL me "Art The Bee Man" Bats in your belfry or bees in your bonnet. Bees in trees or bushes. I can help. I've been a bee keeper for the last 40 years and am quite experienced in [...]

Bee Hives I have hives with bees for sale. These are all survivor stock with new queens. New boxes like new shape. 1 deep with bottom, lid, and inner-cover, and feeder. $180 Add a second Deep add $100 Add a honey supper $75.00 Buy them now and [...]

Bee Equipment for Sale I have many to sell. I have 8 frame and 10 frame. Please let me know what you're interested in. Most have frames, some do not. New frame parts as well. All Boxes all glued, stapled and Painted. Migratory bottom board $10 [...]

Maxant Two Frame Hand Crank Honey Extractor for rent Don't spend a ton of money for a honey extractor that you're only going to use once a year. This Maxant stainless steel basket and tank is perfect for 1-2 hives and is an ideal unit for extractin [...]

Bee Boxes / Planters Used Honey Bee Boxes: Our bees used them and now it is time to make better use of them. These make great planters! Most are 10 frame boxes, but we do have a few 8 frame boxes as well. Uses about a square yard of your favorite [...]

For Sale: Garden style Bee Hive Cover made for summer ventilation. Telescopes 2" and has full screen bottom with screened ventilation cutouts. No place for intruders to enter, "roof " overhangs on all sides to protect from dew or short shower, so you [...]

For sale beehive feeders 5$ one Made in USA black plastic

Much has been sold; here's what's left: Empty honey jars (seventeen 1/2lb jars, eleven 1lb jars, and five 2lb jars). $30 if you buy all of them. Otherwise $1 each for the 1/2lb, $1.50 for the 1lb, and $2 for the 2lb jars. About half of a 16-oz con [...]