Portland Beekeeping Supplies

Ouch! OUCH!! OUCH $%^$($^(^%*)@@#$@# BEES BEES and More HONEY BEES CALL me "Art The Bee Man" Bats in your belfry or bees in your bonnet. Bees in trees or bushes. I can help. I've been a bee keeper for the last 40 years and am quite experienced in [...]

Newly built Kenyan style Top Bar Bee Hive. A top-bar hive is a single-story frameless beehive in which the comb hangs from removable bars. Hives that have frames or that use honey chambers in summer but which use similar management principles as reg [...]

These two hives have been lovingly handcrafted from cedar for a long-lasting hive. One of the roofs is unfinished, so you can paint it however you wish. One was painted by myself and our toddler son - with love! Half of the boxes have been used to h [...]

Ultra Bee Dry 1 lb canister (453.59g). Honey bee protein feed. For oral honey bee use only. Not for human consumption. Purchased from Mann Lake LTD for $9.95 + shipping. Brand new, never used. ----------------------------------------------------- [...]

I'd like to accompany you on your inspection of a top bar beehive (preferably on the week-end or after 6PM). I've watched the videos and taken the classes, but would really appreciate watching an actual inspection. I've got the gear (and a hive), but [...]

Brush hog "Big Bee" by R.M. Wade mfg. 4 feet in width. Fresh Amsoil synthetic gear lube, fresh paint, good field mower that is ready to work. Good PTO, 3 point hitch required. $450 Cash Field mower, rotary cutter, bush hog, field cutter

Vermiculture Tower. Handmade from recycled plastic barrel material. Proceeds help support our farm and feed a hungry community!! This is a picture of our first design, but we have not used wooden legs because they were not stable enough 3 options a [...]

We have 3 Bull calves two are 3 months old and are $500, Calves are 50$ The day they are born Prices increase $5 per day I have a buddy with a small dairy, and we have an abundance of bull calves (Holstein, Jersey, Swiss, and crosses, and a few An [...]

Work trade for your plastic fencing and save $$ while securing your livestock with your recycled plastic fence. $20 if you can take it all Trades Welcome We are open to almost all trade offers (including work-trades). We are a small local Organic, [...]

We have some used 55 gallon steel drums available with non removable lids. The price is $4.25 each for a bulk order of more than 50. $4.75 each for an order of between 40 and 50. $5 each for an order of between 20 and 40 $6 each for an order of b [...]

Local raw honey for sale From wild flowers Organic, no filter, no pesticides, not heated Honey bears 8oz $4.50 Pint ..................... $7.00 Quarts ------------ $13.00 1/2 Gallon .......... $25.00 1 Gallon ---------- $40.00 TEXT or call 5O [...]

$20. Combining hives - need to sell asap. Key words: honey hive bee swarm

.10.00 each (NOT Intended for Bees) I use them for flowers in the garden also come with the flat bottoms to set the boxes on...

I have for sale couple full assembled healthy bee hives (overwintered in Vancouver, WA) with frames with brood. Laying healthy queens of this year. Good start for novice beekeeper. Bees will quickly learn a new place and will collect a honey for you [...]

Livestock -N-Transportation Services LLC Madras, Or show contact info Specializing in livestock and agriculture transportation needs. With reliable and on time service we can get all types of livestock from farm to farm, feed lots to auction yards, Ca [...]

Local raw honey for sale From wild flowers Organic, no filter, no pesticides, not heated Honey bears 8oz $4.50 Pint ..................... $7.00 Quarts ------------ $13.00 1/2 Gallon .......... $25.00 1 Gallon ---------- $40.00 TEXT or call 5O [...]

Brand new, 20-frame Maxant motorized honey extractor with legs. Still in the box. Ruhl sells the same model for $1,625: http://www.bee-outside.com/honeyextractor20frame-mxnt.aspx Photo is of an identical extractor because the one for sale is still [...]

Strong colonies of honey bees for sale. Most with 2015 queens. All have been treated for mites. Colony configurations available: * Colony in double deep brood chamber only - $220 * Colony in single deep brood chamber with one honey super (with dra [...]

Honey bee hives for sale we have decades of experience. I Have two different sizes of honey bee hives for sale, They are ready to pollinate or make honey for you to collect or you can use it to get wax or propolis or royal jelly lots of different [...]