Portland Beekeeping Supplies

Top of the line Barreto Hydraulic tiller for rent. $110 per day delivered. (Call/text/email to confirm locations) $200 per weekend. **Weekday specials Available This machine is user friendly. It will make easy work of big jobs. Barreto log split [...]

Barely used, as good as new, bee keepers hat, veil and gloves. Keep yourself safe with quality protective gear. The gloves are size small, the hat - made in the USA - is adjustable.

Our children tend to these powerful yet peaceful fruit pollinators on a daily basis during the spring and early summer months by providing them with fresh clean mud to build cells for their larvae and changing out their nests with fresh reeds. In the [...]

this is a new suit size xl you get suit w/ face screen, hat, and long gloves

Ouch! OUCH!! OUCH $%^$($^(^%*)@@#$@# BEES BEES and More HONEY BEES CALL me "Art The Bee Man" Bats in your belfry or bees in your bonnet. Bees in trees or bushes. I can help. I've been a bee keeper for the last 40 years and am quite experienced in [...]

We are too busy right now to keep making bio-diesel, so we're selling our oil and equipment. This setup consists of two pumps, both mobile, both EXCELLENT for collecting and transferring fuels! The base system has three transfer valves to redirect fl [...]

Thin wire bird cage, 5 ft tall!!! Accessories Included!! $125 Does not Include stand We are open to almost all trade offers (including work-trades). We are a small local Organic, GMO free, Free-Range, Sustainable, Permaculture, Homestead/Community-B [...]

We are about to send off Several of Our American Guinea Hogs to the Butcher. We are offering meat shares, 1/2 pig, 1/4 pig shares, and live animals for sale. $2.50 lb live weight, + butchering costs, depending on our arrangement. If less than 100 [...]

Every Friday we pick up local spent grain from a brewery. Our ducks, chickens, goats, cows, pigs, peacocks, and guinea fowl ALL LOVE IT! If you're new and want to try it out, come by and fill up a 5 gallon bucket for $2, and see what your critters t [...]

I built this unit to support two goats so a pair of people can work together and milk in half the time! It's also GREAT for teaching others to milk, and features a built-in Feeder box to keep the goats occupied while you work :) Single goat $150 Do [...]

Why pay $35 per bag of fertilizer/manure when you can get a truckload for almost the same price!? I have a large amount of organic cow manure available, not fully composted yet. You load/haul for $40/yd, or we can deliver and dump for you!! The cost [...]

I have 2 double deep hives for sale, they have 10 screens in the bottom box & 6 screens in the top box, as shown in the photos. (There are NO LIVE BEEs for sale.) It appears the previous owner allowed the bee's to make their own honey comb to the sid [...]

Selling some used beekeeping equipment. This equipment is several years old, you will need to repaint and repair some of this. No signs of disease, just really old. Selling 1 Deep Hive boxes with frames 5 Shallow boxes (two boxes with frames) Eve [...]

Utopia Woodcrafters original Mason Bee Nursery. Handcrafted with a wooden roof for protection from the elements. Bee nursery offers multiple chambers for the female to lay her eggs for the next generation of pollinating Mason Bees. Simply hang this [...]

Honey supers that can also be used as medium hive bodies. 10 frame or 9 frame boxes with frames included. Used condition. Some with plastic frames and some with wood frames. hives, bee hives, beehives, honey, honeybee, honey bee, beekeeping, bee kee [...]

Used 10 frame Bee Hive Boxes w/frames $20.00 each These are 6 5/8 medium boxes (AKA Western, Illinois, etc.). All boxes are painted. They can be used for hive bodies but are intended to be used for honey storage above the brood chamber or honey supe [...]

Items for sale: Assembled, painted, 6 5/8 10 frame boxes/supers (AKA; western, medium, super, Illinois) Includes plastic, or wood frames (mostly wood w/o wax foundation), your choice. You may choose between 10 frame boxes with 10 frames, or 10 fram [...]

Mason Bee Starter Kit - House, Hatch Box, Humidifier, Brochure, 50 BEES! - $50 Orchard Mason bees are fantastic pollinators and a friendly non-aggressive bee. We raise our bees on a small farm in Auburn where they pollinate our small fruit orchard a [...]

I have 2 double deep hives for sale, they have 10 screens in the bottom box & 6 screens in the top box, as shown in the photos. (There are NO LIVE BEEs for sale.) It appears the previous owner allowed the bee's to make their own honey comb to the sid [...]

Mason Bees Wow, did my home made orchard bee tubes work well. We built this simple box and hand rolled tubes with paper and whatever material that was handy. Then we placed the boxes out in our nursery. These pictures are the result. So we are selli [...]

One pair of 10'' knifes in box #4970 Excellent shape. 50.00

At this time we are scheduling removals from walls that will start probably in april We remove honey bee's. If it is a swarm I will remove it for free. If they are inside the wall of a home/shed ect we will remove for a small fee. We will also remov [...]

We have double deep hives for sale, $240 per hive. Have 100 hives to sell. They are all healthy hives. All the equipment in good condition. Your local bee keepers for over fifteen years. If interested to buy please call for details. Thank you Please [...]

Grampa Roger is back, and making more beehives for the upcoming season. We have a couple that didn't sell or fill up with bees last spring and summer that are selling at last year's price. Call to reserve one or more for yourself or someone near and [...]

Got bees? We can help. We will remove your beehive or swarm at no charge. Honeybees will be relocated to our farm. Vancouver, Portland, Hillsboro, Beaverton, Scappoose, West Linn, Lake Oswego, Tigard,