Portland Beekeeping Supplies

This is a red cedar top bar hive from BeeThinking. It is made in Oregon. They sell new for $449. I sanded and oiled this one before its first season. It is in excellent condition and water tight. I found out the hard way that my dog is allergic to be [...]

Custom built warre Swarm Trap ready to deploy for catching free bees. Two Bee Thinking brand Hive boxes with all top bars included and a few have drawn brood combs attached which will help attract swarms. Ready to hang. All cedar with tung oil alread [...]

I have Orchard bee's for sale. Nothing fancy just Mother Nature's way. The Female bee lays 5 to 10 eggs or embreo's in holes drilled in wood. And than seals the hole with mud. I sell the block of wood that may have from 6 to over a hundred holes dril [...]

I have two 10 frame hive sets available - these are in good condition, I am downsizing my bee yard and standardizing around 8 frame setups. Set 1 is screened bottom board, deep, super, imrie shim, queen excluder (wood bound), top feeder, inner cover [...]

Healthy and medicated bees for sale. One level bee hive $190, two levels $240. For mote info please tex or call show contact info show contact info

Reserve your Honeybee Nucs now for early April 2017 pick up . Nucs come in a non returnable card board container . It includes : A new Mated unmarked Kona Queen , Three frames Brood (deep standard frames) Two frames honey to start bees right . [...]

Bee Balm is a great favorite of bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds. It is a vigorous grower and all it requires is some water. These plants spread by rooting sideways, so if they are in a good spot your patch could really take off. All parts of the [...]

Local Damascus Carniolan bees. Nuc comes with 5 frames and Queen 2017 ---------120$ (May, June) My name Sergey for any questions or orders you can text me at (503)819-145four Carniolan bee has a very long tongue (6.5 to 6.7 mm, which is very well [...]

This kit comes with: 1. Cedar House 2. 50 bee cocoons, cleaned and sorted by hand, cardboard emergence box 3. 4 nesting trays made of poplar wood with plexiglass top, reusable year after year 4. informational sheet for easy set up and care of you [...]

I am looking for one or more bee hive boxes (and accessories) I'm new to the hobby and am just getting started with acquiring what I need. I live in Aloha. Any help would be appreciated.

Free Honey Bees Removal From Structures. Do you have honey bees living inside your walls etc. I will remove them at no charge to you and give them a good home... Will provide this service anywhere from Wilsonville to Longview Wa and everything in be [...]

**All these nucs will have local stock queens. These are NOT queens brought from California or other outside sources. All Queens will be Fall 2016 or Spring 2017 and will be from local stock in the Western Washington Area. Because of the demand we [...]

Mason bee tubes $5 each or 5 for $20 I LOVE watching the mason bees every year! They are docile solitary bees that do some amazing pollinating and multiply every year. These bees need habitat more than ever. https://www.facebook.com/LittleChicken [...]

We remove honey bee's. If it is a swarm I will remove it for free. If they are inside the wall of a home/shed ect we will remove for a small fee. We will also remove some hornets, and wasps depending on location. Please contact for details

West Coat orchard Mason Bees tubes for sale. 10 tubes for $19 if you pick them up in Vancouver WA. 10 tube sent by UPS $25.98 Call show contact info for orders or questions. Each tube has an average of 12 to 15 bees in them. A tube will produce and averag [...]

West Coat orchard Mason Bees tubes for sale. 10 tubes for $1.90 if you pick them up in Vancouver WA. 10 tube sent by UPS $25.98 Call show contact info for orders or questions. Each tube has an average of 12 to 15 bees in them. A tube will produce and aver [...]

Made a few nucs and frames this winter Trap your own bees nuc box 5 frames no bees

Your Nuc's will be available around the first week of April. We will firm up a delivery date as we get closer. You will get 4 large (deep) frames of brood and bees as shown in the picture, and a fifth frame of brood and honey with a new 2017 mated qu [...]

These cocoons have been cleaned and are ready for spring release. Call show contact info ( This is a land line, so texting won't work.)

42" Big Bee Brush Hog

Beekeeping Equipment Bee Equipment was used for two seasons only, all is either varnished or painted where applicable . Selling due to bum back. List and pictures of what is included, glad to answer any questions. 4 Beekeeping books 4 complete hiv [...]

Pacific NW Bee is offering Nucs again this year . This is the best way to start new hives . We are a commercial pollination company and have been in the business for a while . We use Kona carniolan Queens and the same bees we use in our pollination b [...]

We have two beehives for sale. Each has four bodies/supers, plus a bottom board, entry limiter, inner top board, and roof. Several of the hive bodies are new, with new frames. Also included is a bee bonnet and gloves, and a hive tool. Each hive body [...]

Crocuses are blooming-- Robins are BACK! Saw both yesterday! Please REPLY by text to show contact info - The C'list reply does not seem to work right--SORRY for any inconveniences that has caused. Bird houses Mason Bee houses Planters Starting at $5 f [...]

Urban Bees and Gardens is again offering Oregon-bred nucs on sale for early May delivery Queens are a "mutt mix" of: - New World Carniolans from noted queen breeder Susan Cobey - USDA Russian mite resistant stocks, AND - Survivor stock from Orego [...]