Portland Beekeeping Supplies

We will remove swarm of bees, no charge. Camas,Wancouver, Wa you can call us at show contact info or show contact info Thanks

I have captured an extra swarm that I want to let go to another bee keeper. Call for information.

My bee box is empty and I'm ready to give up the hobby. This type is easy to use, fun to observe bee activity. Made with 1.5" thick cedar and set up on a sturdy stand for easy working height. Better quality than anything I've seen sold in stores. In [...]

12 jar honey super for 10 frame langstroth bee hives. The jar lids are fastened to the honey super with wood screws. Very fun way for kids to watch the bees make honey and honeycomb without having to open up the hive or disturb the bees. Once a jar i [...]

HONEY BEES This early spring weather has allowed for an early swarming season for the honey bees. I have an empty hive, so would appreciate a phone call if you see a swarm hanging on a tree or a bush. Please do call as soon as the swarm is seen as t [...]

For Sale: 1 restored Langstroth 10-frame bee hive, brought back to life after years of service. Included is metal stand, screened bottom board, 2-deeps, 1-super, 1 telescoping top, entrance reducer. I am happy to add new frames with foundation for an [...]

All the material shown, supers, frames, galv metal skinned bottom, middle separator, top, shallow super in the box, waxes (regular and shallow)

Used Langstroth hive with 1 super, 2 deeps, & metal roof. Frames and feeder included. Painted and in very good condition. Frames need a bit of cleaning.

Bee Swarms with a Queen for sale Please call if interested - Don @ show contact info

free removal of honey bee swarms and existing hives of bees from structures, trees and almost anywhere else they may have decided to make a hive in Yamhill and Polk counties. Dave

It is swarm season. If you find a swarm and need it removed please give me a call. I live in Battle Ground, WA and can come out and safely remove the bees from your property. My payment is the bees.

Hi... If you find that a Bee swarm has landed on your property and have a need to remove these, please give me a call. I'll gladly drop by and relocate them for free, them in order to give the bees the best chance to survive as a colony Once again [...]

I'm a bee keeper looking for a place to put somewhere between 5 to 15 hives - plus more later if you have the room. I am preferring 5 acres or more. What my bees need is south or east facing with morning sun and scattered to moderate direct sunlight [...]

I am happy to come and rescue a swarm, place them in a new hive and keep them in a natural organic beekeeping method that closely resembles the honey bees natural hives. Bees are very passive in swarms, they have nothing to protect and are just looki [...]

Please help us protect and preserve the honey bees. Bees are dying off at alarming rates in this country related to unreasonable practices in commercial beekeeping, transporting and chemical exposure. Help us preserve them by calling for our organic [...]

free removal of unwanted honey bee swarms and existing hives from almost anywhere that they have made a hive ( trees, buildings, etc.) in Yamhill, Lincoln and Polk counties. Dave

We would love to have bees here. IF you want to share honey with us at the end of the season, that is OK, but not mandatory. If interested, please leave your phone number in an email.

free removal of honey bee swarms and existing hives of bees from structures, trees and almost anywhere else they may have decided to make a hive. Dave

free removal of honey bee swarms and existing hives of bees from structures, trees and almost anywhere else they may have decided to make a hive. Dave

Free honey bee removal. I'll give them a home.

We have double deep hives for sale, $260 per hive. They are all healthy hives. used boxes. Your local bee keepers for over fifteen years. If interested to buy please call for details. Thank you Please contact us 360 433- one seven five zero

I have 2 complete painted 6 5/8"med. bee supers with wax foundations/frames. I super box painted and 1 set of frames not assembled. 2 new unopened boxes of foundation wax for the frames. 25.00 each complete super, all for 80.00. i do not delived or t [...]

Does anyone know of a Bee Club or association out here on the west side? Or would you be interested in starting one in Washington county. I am new to bee keeping but there are no resources I can find in the Hillsboro or Forest Grove area. If you too [...]

Langstroth Style Honeybee Hive, 10 frame size. This hive comes with 2 deep boxes, 2 medium boxes, a screened bottom board with sloped entrance, an inner cover and cover with peaked roof. All you need are frames and bees! The boxes are made of salva [...]

Honey Bee Hive Supers 6 5/8 inch medium or western supers (Cedar) 100 unassembled boxes for Sale ( without frames or foundation.) I am asking $10 per one, whole super not assembled. 4 sides - 2 narrow and 2 larger. Dimensions 19 1/4 x2 x16 1/4 X 2 [...]