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Other beekeepers are trying to tell you about the one and only way to keep bees. Well, it just isn’t absolutely true that there is only one way to keep bees. Every beginning beekeeper must learn and sometimes you learn by mistakes. There are lots of beekeeping guide in the market which will help you along the way.

Try to think of yourself as a sponge. Absorb everything you can. However, never adopt new system without trying it first on several hives before using it with all of your hives. Beekeeping is an art. A lot of science is involved with beekeeping. Science has answered questions about bee behavior etc. Science is important, but when it comes down to taking care of your hive of bees, it will be your decisions that affect the bees in your hive. How you apply what you learn and experience will make up the art of keeping bees for you.


Staring beekeeping has a lot of things to be done. There are many ways which can help you with problems you encounter in beekeeping. You can join a bee club or just buy a helpful beekeeping guidebook. A guide that will direct you all the way. You can find more beekeeping information, books or equipments on the internet but you have to choose the best among the rest. Choosing the best guide is very crucial as you have to be so sure that the contents are very relevant and applicable. You also have to be sure that this guide will answer your questions in mind and that will give you a step-by-step process.

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I said field trip 4, but it was field trip 3. What i use to extract the honey, the frames & more on small hive beetle strategies. I’m also making the point that there’s no need for a huge capital outlay in keeping bees as a part-timer. This robbing yielded 260 kgs. You’ll see me extracting honey on a much earlier upload “beekeeping: extracting honey by hand”.
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  1. mugsyjeff on

    @sadia102 Thank you Sadia, & it’s my pleasure, especially finding comments from nice people, like yourself. take care. bye for now.

  2. sadia102 on

    So informative. Thank you.

  3. mugsyjeff on

    @selfreliantboy Hi there Tubby, a drone is a male bee, the drone does no work in the hive whatsoever, i’ve just discovered that because the drones don’t defend like the female workers, the small hive beetle can lay eggs right under the drones noses, especially if there’s a concentration of drones in 1 area.The female workers wont let the beetle lay eggs normally, unless the hive becomes quite week in numbers.Then the beetle take over & make an almighty mess.I’ll put a vid. on my channel page.bye

  4. selfreliantboy on

    good vid ! Thank you . What is a drone ?

  5. mugsyjeff on

    @sneakyam Hi there, you can basically see that in an earlier upload we did over a year ago. “extracting honey by hand” or something like that. We were handicapped with the camera we had then. we couldn’t do any field trips, we could only use the household power until the camera finally completely died. We have a new camera so we’re able do videos away from the house. That explains all the field trips.

  6. sneakyam on

    Is there a BEEKEEPING: Field Trip #3 Part 3.?

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