BEEKEEPING: AFB Boxes & Queen Excluders.

Dealing with boxes contaminated with AFB & what I do with queen excluders.


9 Responses to “BEEKEEPING: AFB Boxes & Queen Excluders.”

  1. sadia102 on

    Great vid. Thanks very much it was so informative. Appreciate that you have put your knowledge out there for everyone.

  2. mugsyjeff on

    @selfreliantboy Thanks for that Tubby, i hope you like it.

  3. selfreliantboy on

    @mugsyjeff I will check out your crusty bread roll vid .

  4. mugsyjeff on

    @selfreliantboy Hi there Tubby, i like your bread video, good to see you don’t mind the hand kneeding, i’m into that, you might be interested in my crusty bread roll video. I’m using strong bakers flour, i think that’s the secret to getting great bread. I made some self-raising flour from this flour for muffins & they turned out so much better than if i used normal off the shelf s.r. flour. i’m converted. The pizza crust is fantastic using this strong bakers flour also, anyway, bye for now

  5. selfreliantboy on

    @mugsyjeff LoL

  6. mugsyjeff on

    @selfreliantboy Thanks for that Tubby, lol

  7. selfreliantboy on

    Very interesting .

  8. mugsyjeff on

    @chuckarama451 Thank you Chuck, that’s about the amount of time i spend scorching the boxes with that much heat, that would certainly blister enamel paint, or scorch bare timber, so i reckon that should kill the spors. I might just give a little bit more for good measure. Thanks again Chuck, take care. bye for now.

  9. chuckarama451 on

    Excellent demonstration. Thank-you very much. Would you say that’s about the usual amount of time you spend scorching a box or was it just for demonstration purposes?

    That’s a FANTASTIC way to fix queen excluders too! I’ve always just tried to bend them a little closer together, or what not. Just fill them. Simple. Thanks for that idea!

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