Beekeeping 101 – Swarm Traps and Bait Hives The biology after bees swarm and the methods used to capture wild swarms using bait hives. Free bees, in other words. Bait hives need to be about 30 liters in volume. That is about 10″x9″x20″ which also will fit a standard frame. Learn more about beekeeping at http
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24 Responses to “Beekeeping 101 – Swarm Traps and Bait Hives”

  1. ukukachoo on

    Do you know when I should set them up in Long Island NY. Thanks, Rob

  2. ukukachoo on

    Thank you for your response

  3. OutOfaBlueSky on

    @ukukachoo traps never enourage hives to swarm. Only catch swarms that occur.
    I’d set them up 100 yards or so from the hives in all 4 directions. Swarms normally want to go 1/4 of a mile, however, so farther is good, but you do need them close enough that you will checks them ever few weeks.

  4. ukukachoo on

    If you set them up in your apiary to trap your own swarm, how many would you set up, how far away from the hives ,and what direction N,S, E or W from the hives? Also, will the traps encourage a hive in the apiary to swarm? Thanks, Rob

  5. honeeproducer34 on

    I was putting up lures today (this is my 2nd year with your system) … While I was getting ready to put one up, a bee was buzzing around the bag with the lemon grass oil… =) Its gonna be a great Spring…I can feel it… =) I got 16 swarms this way last year… This year I’ve built over 20 more lures and am beginning earlier to put them out… Here in northern Utah I’ve gotten swarms as early as April 15th…

  6. OutOfaBlueSky on

    @tbonekel March 1 for Central Texas. I’d think March 7 for Dallas.

  7. tbonekel on

    You said you were in Texas. What part? I live north of Dallas along the Red River and want to try a swarm trap. When do you put them out?

  8. callac123 on

    @OutOfaBlueSky wat does the lemon grass oil do

  9. callac123 on

    will a hive that u own go to that trap or wat

  10. filmitfilmit on

    @OutOfaBlueSky I think there were bees , just not european honey bees, there are many species of bees they just arent considered to be comercialy important ,
    apis milliferos likely chased several species into exctintion

  11. OutOfaBlueSky on

    @RodneyAHampton Wind noise was a bit bad. LGO = Lemon Grass Oil. 5-6 drops per bait hive. Works wonderfully.

  12. green2lean on

    @SKeene1956, I don’t want to speak for BlueSky but I think your mistake was over dramatizing your point. You said the “death of mankind” which is too extreme. There is some truth for what you said though in the sense that the world is overpopulated to some extent so we need more bees now than we did when North America did not have honey bees. Without bees we would have a challenge to continue feeding the current population.

  13. rockyPants4000 on

    great detail, thanks!

  14. johnycl on

    Thank you for the info. It is May and I have not been able to find queens for sale. This will be my solution. I would love to know what you were saying when the sound was down about 3/4s into the vid. How did you learn so much about beekeeping?

  15. BadWolfMedia on

    @OutOfaBlueSky Thank you!

  16. cheeseboat15 on


    I wish out winter was just 2 weeks

  17. Duboisi on

    Another great video

  18. fuzzy188 on

    I am going to have 2 beehives

  19. SKeene1956 on

    Thank you for the fast response and I was misinformed by other “Bee buisnesses” who are undoubtably hyping the situation and thank you for the insight and the bait. I would very much like to be able to build my own hive box and I would assume one thing unless you correct me. It would be best to use wood that has not been chemically treated? Thank you for your response.

  20. OutOfaBlueSky on

    First, no bees doesn’t mean death of mankind. That is a myth. Man was was around for thousands of years in North America without bees. They are an invasive species in America introduced in the 1600s and we would survive again without them if we had to.

    On the bait, use Lemon Grass Oil or rub the inside of the hive with lemon grass, itself.

  21. SKeene1956 on

    Thank you for the video as we need these miracles of flight. No bees means no food. No food = death of mankind in 4 years. Good information and what are the contents of the cone hives and can it be made by a person with local materials? The bait I mean.

  22. OutOfaBlueSky on

    Yea, winter started last week, it should be over by Friday. :0)

  23. thecommandobear2 on

    happy new year outofabluesky, as for sandles and shirt in winter very jealous as we have a load of snow and it was minus 6c recently, speak and watch you soon pete

  24. vitimind on

    Howdy from Houston! Lots of information! True Texans wears sandals in the middle of winter! Ha, ha. I hope you really bait a swarm! I hope I do too! Thanks for info.

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